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The Story behind aunt pearl

The legacy of KD's SHOE Franchise

The development of performance shoe technology in recent years is incredible. We love checking out what's new when a highly anticipated signature release drops as much as the next on-court enthusiast. Equally, we're still suckas for dope silhouettes and colourways too. You know what else we love?! A cool sneaker story. 

As you picked up a pair of KD16 'Aunt Pearls' this month, you may or may not be aware of the legacy that the shoe carries and the story that it tells. 

Kevin Durant has always kept his family at the forefront of his success, with his mother being a key figure and famously being credited as the 'real MVP' during his 2014 trophy acceptance speech. While his mother was working overtime to make ends meet, it was KD's grandmother, Aunt Pearl, who would care for him as well as champion his basketball success. Her care, influence and support of his basketball talent was paramount in shaping those early stages of his journey into pro basketball. 

While Aunt Pearl passed in 2000 following a lung cancer diagnosis, Durant ensured that he'd continue to be driven by her encouragement and memory. It was the KD4 back in 2012 where he first paid homage, introducing us to the iconic pink colourway that donated its sales profits to a cancer charity. This went on to become an annual tradition, with Nike even throwing it back to the KD3 silhouette and adding it to the Aunt Pearl roster. 

Shoe technology is cool, and the hype of a sought-after drop can be fun too - but keeping a legacy alive by continuing to tell the stories of those who have had the most significant impact on some of the world's best is key. Don't stop telling them.

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