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Goalrilla DC72EI basketball hoop - inground

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BACKBOARD 183 x 107 cm
MATERIAL BB 1,3 cm gehärtetes Glas
OVERHANG 113 – 130 cm
HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE Stepless height adjustment from 2.3 m to 3.05 m
BEFESTIGUNGSART Anchor-Kit (inklusive)
RIM Heavy Weight Flex Korb

Goalrilla InGround Basketballhoop DC72E1

The new home four your slam-dunks!

Unlike other adjustable basketball hoops, which rely on the backboard and backboard frame to bear the brunt of vertical forces during play, the Goalrilla DC72E1 transfers all vertical forces to a 10 cm thick steel bracket via a direct connection – while completely circumventing the backboard and its frame.

The patented hoop ring design of the DC72E1 is anchored directly in the steel structure of the basketball hoop, which means it can withstand twice as much strain as hoops that are attached to the glass backboard. The DC72E1 features two welded backboard supports that are twice as strong as any unsupported backboard arms. The upper and lower supports are held by not one but two steel reinforcement blocks, which significantly reduce hoop vibration and reinforce the structural shape.

The most powerful basketball system in the world: The hoop of the DC72E1 can hold up to one metric ton of weight!

True to the motto "Look Good, Play Good," the DC72E1 features elegant and robust steel. The very special finish is protected by a DuPont® powder coating for corrosion and UV protection and gives the hoop system an exceptional look – just like at a proper basketball arena! Your performance is elevated to the next level.

  • Backboard:183 x 107 cm clear hard-glass backboard made of 1.3 cm thick tempered glass with a 1.2 cm span (compliant with NCAA, FIBA and NBA regulations for backboard dimensions)
  • Height-adjustable:Stepless height adjustment from 2.3 m to 3.05 m
  • Flexibility:The anchor kit lets you put up and take down the hoop system with ease.
  • Protection:The powder coating guarantees the integrity of the steel
  • Stability:The Direct Connect technology transfers the forces from a dunk to the steel instead of onto the glass backboard, resulting in a strain resistance of up to one metric ton
  • Hoop pole:15 x 20 cm
  • Accessories:Anchor Kit ground attachment system, Heavy Weight hoop ring, Deluxe hoop pole padding and Universal backboard protection

Certified: TÜV Rheinland, Testing Centre Shanghai


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