Time OUT WITH Jordan Loyd



Jordan went undrafted in 2016, it was something expected for him but he never found excuses and worked hard to be in the position he is today. 

For us he’s taking his time to share his journey and shed a light on how he handles his career in the best way possible.

Right now Jordan is one of the best guards in Europe, playing for AS Monaco, a team that has been proven to be one of the most ambitious clubs in Europe.  


Your first experience overseas was in Israel, we know it’s tough to come in a new country with different culture and far from family, how did you handle that? And did you like over there?

“My parents raised me well, being able to travel as a kid, I always embraced new things, new cultures, new people, it was easy for me to open my mind. Like going to go to Israel, people were so nice and showed me love, a really good place to start as a rookie in Europe.”

Do you have any tips for rookies in europe who are struggling here?

“What’s tough for sure is to come in Europe and try to translate your game to the European game, if I have an advice for rookies in Europe, it’s listen to people and learn about them. You certainly won’t know everything when you are a rookie, even know I am 30 years old and I still learn everyday. For guys that make a transition from like G-League to Europe, be confident and try to find a team who really wants you.  

Don’t listen to the typical American mindset which says if you are not in the NBA you are trash. People don’t understand the level plus the game is totally different here, more physical, tougher to score, each position it’s like do or die. All of that makes every game exciting. So for anybody who thinks of playing overseas is easy, it is not true I promise.“


After a year, you are back in the League with the Toronto Raptors and their G League team as well. You were a walking bucket in the G-League but unfortunately you only played about 10 games in the the NBA. Can you tell me about this short experience in the League, and how is it to be part of a NBA Team?​

So this year I got a two way contract, in the G-league I was in the first team of the season and runner up for the MVP. I couldn’t play better but unfortunately I was in one of the best teams in the league as well. My short experience in the league was amazing. The NBA Lifestyle is really crazy, everything is just right in front of you. 

I think the craziest thing was when we were playing road games, the team gave us an envelop with cash for food, or for whatever you would need. Another thing i thought was crazy is to have a chef at the training facility, I could have breakfast, lunch and dinner. As an NBA player you sleep and luxury hotels and I event lived out of a hotel for a while but i thought it was an amazing period.

I got no regrets for my choice of going back to play overseas instead of the NBA because I know I can play in the league, I maybe would have loved to have had more opportunities.

« The journey is two ways, there is no right or wrong way, everyone has a different journey for sure, but you need embrace whatever it is. » 


In your NBA year Toronto became NBA Champions with a legendary shot. You are in the frame, do you remember the feeling you had when the shot went in? 

“I was like “no way that's going in“, because Kawhi has a flat jumpshot and he shot the ball almost through the roof. I knew we had one of the hardest rims in the league, so for me when a ball hits the front of the rim, no way it will bounce like it did. That was a crazy moment. I didn’t know they took a picture like that but afterwards I saw it everywhere on social media. What a moment!.

For a lot of players who do not play in the Playoffs, you're not considered as an NBA Champion. What are your thoughts? Do you consider yourself an NBA Champion?   

“For me I will never see myself as an NBA champion, I was in a championship team but as a hooper you want to contribute on the floor. But I did all I could to prepare the team, all the little things necessary to help the team… that is contributing but that’s not the same as being on the court.
I don’t have the feeling “I am an NBA Champion“ but it was an unforgettable experience. Watching players like Kawhi, Fred, Kyle what they do day to day to be at the highest level of their game helped me a lot in my career.
When you see all the work they put in, you just want to do the same to have a successful career. This year, I wasn’t really playing so I went to the gym early In the morning, leave late at night. To see players like them, really helped me with my work ethic, I always had a decent one but after this year it became even better. 
In the NBA you have no excuses, coaches are always ready to workout, the film is ready, whatever you need you have it.“


Back in EUROPE

Once back in Europe, Jordan tastes the Euroleague with Valencia in 2020. After a decent season he moves to Serbia and joins Red Star, where he won the League and the Cup that season but he switched teams again. 

He went to Russia and tried to help Saint-Petersburg lift the Euroleague Trophy, unfortunately they failed. During the summer of 2022 Jordan joined Monaco, one of the most succesful clubs in the past years.


in Monaco you joined your old Coach Saša Obradović, he is one of the main reasons you are here today. Can you talk about your relationship with him?

I“I always tell everybody it’s like tough love. We are gravitating around each other, he was really tough on me in Serbia but he believed in me and I was ready for this type of coaching. My dad coached me like that, he was hard on me. 

Sasa is the first coach since a long time who reminds me of my dad. At first I was like “what’s this dude doing“ but then I started to play amazing so i was like ok let’s trust him. We have confidence in each other and for sure he was one of the reasons I joined Monaco.“


You joined kind of a superteam in the Euroleague, with players like Mike, Alpha, Elie, John etc… all your teammates are really good players. When you signed over there, and you saw the full roster, what did you say to yourself? ​

“When I saw the full roster, I told myself if we can put all the little stuff aside, we can win the Euroleague. 

I always wanted to be part of team like that. On paper it's the best team I ever played with in Europe. Last year we want to Final Four and finished 3rd and going back this year at the 3rd seed and trying to going back to Final 4.

It’s not easy you know. I was excited because I can play with whoever Mike or Elie for example  and it’s not a problem, I can adapt so for me it doesn’t matter.“

« Thanks to them my job is easier.»

The first year in monaco

You won the French cup, the French league, MVP of the French league Finals and the Euroleague Final 4. What a year, now almost one year later, when you look back at it, what’s the first thing you think about?​ 

“ Last year it was a pretty good season, but we were really disappointed about our final 4 result. With time, you can look back and tell you learned about that, you get better, and you have grown. Euroleague is so tough, to qualify for the playoffs or to go to the Final 4 and then win the trophy it’s really hard, I don’t think people realized that.


You finally are staying at the same club for the first time in your career, did you finally found a place you can call home for you and your family?

You know I hope so, my family loves Monaco, I love it too, this season was harder for me personally because of injuries but at the same time the club was amazing. They did an amazing job trying to help me to be healthy and feel amazing, so I hope Monaco is a place I can call home. Since i had my daughter, I don’t want to move my family, it’s the perfect place to be honest.  

Unfortunately, like you said this season you played only 25 games because some injuries, how do you feel right now and are you at 100% for the end of the season?

Yes, we found the problem, I am feeling amazing and I want to help my team to win the trophies so yes everything is fine now, I'm feeling good. 

It’s a blessing because it was a tough year especially mentally, it's never easy to deal with that but thanks to my family who helped me and supported me.

The same goes to say for the club so I want to pay them back and win some championships!

What's next?

You are 30 years old right now, where will Jordan Loyd be in 5 years?

“I hope I still play the game, my goal was always to play until 35, if not I want to work in sport. I thought about being an athletic director at the university, I think it can be a cool job.
I think I also could be an agent because I know how hard it is to find the good team for a player, I know a lot of guys only need opportunities and thanks to my playing experience I think it can be something I would like to do. “

« I really want to stay around the game! Leaving the game would be hard for me.» 


5 best players ever played with:
Mike James, Elie Okobo, Billy Baron, Jordan Mickey, Alex Poythress 

5 best players ever played against:
Shane Larkin, Scottie Wilbekin, Alexey Shved, Nikola Milutinov, Will Clyburn 

Euroleague Players who should be in the League right now:
Will Clyburn, Kevin Punter, Shavon Shield

We want to thank Jordan Loyd for his time and AS Monaco who welcomed us. We wish them the best for the end of the season.

By Sacha S

Sacha is Bouncewear's Community Manager for France. He connects with athletes, clubs and events to further extend the Bouncewear Family. He has worked for Fiba and Combine Academy so his world revolves around the orange ball just as much as ours.