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In 2001, Michael Jordan decided to come out of retirement for the second time. This time around, the location switched from the windy city to the nation’s capital. While some NBA fans try their best to only remember his Bulls glory days, D.C. natives cherish the seasons when MJ played for the Wizards. What many do not know is the Air Jordan 11 ‘Cool Grey’ was born in D.C. The shoe was originally introduced during MJ’s first game as a Washingtonian. Its neutral hue is reminiscent of the monuments that fill Washington’s skyline while paying homage to Jordan’s cool moves on the court and in the air.  Twenty years later, the shoe is worn by new icons. People wearing the sneaker have evolved the silhouette from a basketball shoe into a lifestyle symbol that touches sports and fashion alike.

Unexpected Creativity

Boundary breakers in their own way

Youssef x Shanice

Choreographer x Dancer

Dezi Saenz


Jess Lawrence

Social media creator

Eunkyung Park



Choreographer/Dancer x Dancer

Antwerp x Brussels

The teacher and the student...

Thanks to dancers Youssef and Shanice we were able to recreate our own version of 'Unexpected Creativity'.

As dancers they need to be creative all the time and... be flawless all the time. And that's where the Air Jordan XI 'Cool Grey' is a perfect match.  

The XI is a cultural icon on it's own from first being an icon on the courts to later on the streets.  

The XI has a dopeness around the design and rocks with multiple outfits. A shoe like this gives you the confidence you need to go out there and perform or look your best.

Instagram: @therealkingofdreamz x @shanice__hrmc


Dancer - Choreographer

Long Beach, LA

 I hit hard, I pop, and I also do a lot of footwork. I personally feel that Jordans are the perfect dance shoe. 

Not only does the style and design make me feel super cool and dope when I rock it with my outfit, but the boost of confidence it gives me when I dance is crazy.

And once I'm feeling good, I'm going to dance good. I got my fit, my hair done, and of course my AJ XIs. I'm able to go on my toe and glide…

...but also the flexibility it has, I'm able to do smoother movements. I would describe the vision behind the art I created for this AJ XI campaign to be artwork that showcases not only creativity, but culture, and a piece that can resonate with people all over. Dance is something I've always loved doing. And I'm super thankful that I'm able to connect with others and share my passion.

Whether it's a rehearsal, or my next dance video that I'm going to make, better believe you're going to see me rocking them.

Instagram: @DeziSaenz

Jess Lawrence

Social Media Editor, Content Creator, Stylist, Writer


Where am I looking? I come from a basketball family. So starting in sneakers was something that was almost a birthright. 

So my style is a mix between vintage, streetwear, and sportswear, and I find inspiration absolutely everywhere I go. When I'm styling, I always go from the shoe up, the sneakers always the first thing to be decided. 

Since I've been into sneakers pretty much my whole life, the AJ XI has been there the whole time. My whole family have pairs, I've had pairs growing up. So this release is just so special to me. 

What I like so much about them is just the streamlined silhouette, that means I can rock them with anything, whether it's a skirt, whether it's trackies, they really are the perfect shoe for me, just dressing up or dressing down.

So I've decided to start these AJ XIs in a casual, but curated look where the color matching all over. 

This release is so important as it's female focussed, which means that it caters to the women of the industry who have been calling for inclusivity in sizing, marketing, and the drops themselves. When a retro sneaker comes around. Again, people absolutely adore them because it's a chance for us to reconnect with why we fell in love with sneakers in the first place.

Instagram: @jessylaw




I had been thinking of becoming an aesthetician since I was little. So, I started making nail jewelry.

I got this project I love, and I was screaming with happiness. I was like, I must do this without thinking for a second. My goal is to show you guys …all the details and the materials of the Air Jordan XI. I think grey is the most attractive color. So I wanted to express this color. 

I have many Jordan shoes. Especially the AJ XI which came out when I was little, It is the shoe that I always wanted to get but I couldn’t. 

I wondered where that power came from when I saw the shooting photos. The invisible spark continued to the hand. I think I was inspired by them and made nails.  

As a big fan of the Air Jordan, I am so happy to participate in this project, and be part of this campaign. 

Instagram: @nail_unistella

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Air Jordan XI 'Cool Grey'

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Jeroen is Bouncewear's Brand Manager. This is the guy responsible for everything marketing and communication related. He has been involved over 20 years in basketball as a player and a coach up to the first division in Mens and Womens basketball in Belgium.