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As the 2023-24 season begins, there's a topic that never fails to arouse discussion; jerseys. Since the introduction of NBA 'City Edition' jerseys back in 2016, there's been even more to talk about.  

 At BounceWear we're no different, why would we be?! Not only do we love attire that performs well, but we hugely appreciate style and visual design too. Checking out the latest assortment of City Edition jerseys has been a blast. Here are some initial thoughts.


Let's start with a couple of strong entries. The Warriors edition takes inspiration from San Francisco's famous hilly streets and trolley (tram) system. Add the curvy 'San Francisco' font to the black and yellow colourway way and the result is a solid look overall. 

The Lakers have gone for a creatively different city edition design compared to last season too. The colours flash us back to the classic 2003 HWC joints but with a twist on the Lakers script. These will probably be something that people either love or hate, but they're a win for me. 

Another win is the Celtics joints. Boston (like the Knicks) has a design that is limited in how much it can be altered. The details are classy, they honour the team's history and tradition and will look great both on the court and worn as fan gear. For me, this is the first year that I've been impressed by the Celtics City Edition offering. 

I'm also a fan of this year's Hawks and Pacers jerseys too. They're striking designs with a playful colour choice on the Indy edition. As an older head, seeing 'atl' on the Hawks joint reminds me of the early 00's era of Hip Hop and R&B, so that one was sold on me.


It's disappointing that the Mavs and Nets haven't seen much change in their designs. This would make sense if it were an 'ain't broke so don't fix it' type of scenario, however, I don't feel that either style was strong previously. As with everything, this is of course subjective - so I'm sure there'll be a few fans of these somewhere!

The -edited by the content crew- not so good

I hate to say it, but when I saw the Bulls design leaked, I hoped it wasn't real. Unfortunately, it was, and as much as I appreciate the inspiration behind it (the original Chicago Stadium), I feel that the execution misses the mark. For me, this belongs on the whack list this year, and you can add the Heat and Knicks to that list too. 

Overall, I love the fact that we have new jerseys to discuss each year. I also have to give an honorary mention to the Magic, Jazz, T-Wolves and Jazz Hardwood Classic jerseys that will be featured this season - the designs are super dope and a perfect hybrid of old school with a modern twist.  

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